The one about the NHL Trade Deadline

I try not to do too much hockey analysis, to be honest, which may sound absurd from someone who has a hockey blog, but I’ve always said from day one I’m more interested in the sports culture than anything else.  That’s not to say I’m not an armchair coach at times, and don’t have opinions about the on-ice stuff, I definitely do!


I fortunately had the day off (a rare occurrence these days in my field of work!) and took the opportunity to watch the trade deadline coverage on the NHL network until 4 p.m., when some colleagues invited me to join them at a local bar, and well, beer>tv watching, so I went and had a couple of pints!


Anyway, the Hurricane’s organization had a couple of instances of deals, but my focus is of course how those deals affect the Checkers.


Brett Carson

At noon, we learned that Calgary had claimed Brett Carson off of waivers.  He’ll definitely be missed in Charlotte.  He was a stellar guy on and off the ice, with a +12 rating and 20 points in his 34 games with the club.  Hopefully, we’ll get Sanguinetti back sooner than later.  For the time being though, I’m REALLY glad we have a veteran like Ethan Graham who’s always there when we need him, and rookie Kyle Lawson who is still finding his way in the AHL, but I believe has a great deal of potential.


Sergei Samsanov

Samsanov was traded by the Hurricanes to Florida.  And while obviously he was not a Checker, I feel this just cements the fact that Jerome Samson has probably played his last regular-season game with the Checkers this year.  He’s the logical choice to remain in Raleigh.  He’s the Checkers leading scorer, and was an AHL All Star.  It’s been awesome seeing guys like Terry stepping up and scoring more since Samson’s been with the big club, but his absense is a huge loss to our club.  The Hurricanes got a 6’4″ defensemen in Bryan Allen in exchange for Samsanov.  He’ll be the seventh d-man, the same number the team was carrying before waiving and subsequently losing Brett Carson to Calgary.


I think a lot of fans were expecting and possibly hoping to see more movement today (in the form of bigger names, anyway, such as Pitkanen moving, or picking up a guy like John-Michael Liles), but alas that didn’t seem to happen on the local front.


Now that we’ve gotten through the trade deadline, I’m very anxious to see what the Clear Day rosters are going to hold for us in Charlotte!  Only seven days until that is determined!






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