The one about bad calls in Charlotte, and other tangents

Last night was quite a game.  My mom was my personal guest of honor, and she had a great time.  I believe her comment when the Checkmates walked across the ice for their first intermission performance was, “Oh no, not them again.  They are so unnaturally tan!”  She also wanted to know how much water the Zamboni used to resurface the ice, and unfortunately, I don’t have a statistic for that.  She was curious about why Nic Blanchard’s hair was so wet during the pre-game skate, and hoped it wasn’t from sweat (yes, mom, they are athletes.  They get sweaty AND stinky!)  She also wondered why

Michal Jordan inspects Zach Boychuck's head to make sure it is still attached after a dirty hit by Jared Nightengale. Photo Credit: Wendy Bullard

some of the officials wore orange bands on their arms, and some didn’t.  I was quite impressed by her observation of this, which led to an explanation of refs vs. linesmen, and towards the end of the game, why they were confused and out of position and making TERRIBLE calls.


I’m convinced the four officials idea was a bad one with last night’s team of officials.  It’s like they forgot where they were supposed to be, and who was supposed to be making calls.  I’m still FUMING that Boychuck got a four-minute double minor, and Jared Nightengale got practically nothing for nearly ramming Boychuck’s head and neck into the goalpost in what appeared to be a decapitation attempt.  I used to like that punk when he was an ECHL Checker, but he was playing VERY dirty last night, and it was not cool!    Later in the game, the Whale took offense to something Kyle Lawson did, and Whale player Weise slammed him repeadedly into the boards, dislodging his lid on the first strike.  The linesmen, meanwhile,

No problem, Whale kid. Do whatever you want to our Checker! Photo Credit: Wendy Bullard

didn’t stop it, and just stood by and watched the action happening near the Checkers bench.  And here ends my tangent for this blog post…


I was excited to see Mike Murphy in net for the Checkers.  It was his fourth (well-deserved) start in a row, and he didn’t disappoint, allowing only one goal on 30 shots.  Towards the end of the game, I was kind of wanted the team to pull Murph and put Justin Pogge in, because I could tell he wanted to drop the gloves with some of those Whale-holes from the way he was chirping them on the bench.  On the subject of goaltenders, I’m going to place an educated guess that Pogge gets the start in net tonight.  Not because Murph hasn’t been stellar, he has, but Pogge’s record in Norfolk is perfect, and why mess with a formula that works!  He’s undefeated on the road against the Admirals, and I’d love for that streak to continue!  While we are currently ahead of Norfolk in our division, the race is a tight one and we do NOT want to risk playing WBS in the first round of the playoffs, so staying ahead of Norfolk is important.


So, until next time friends, Go Checkers!



2 thoughts on “The one about bad calls in Charlotte, and other tangents

  1. Stu Bickel, #4, was starting stuff all over the place. The cheap shot he took at the end of the game should have got him a lot more time in the box after everything else he did.

    I understand the role of a hockey goon very well, but there is a certain amount of class and respect that has to stay in the sport. Unless you’re Matt Cooke of course

    1. I like hockey goons to some extent. But when Nightengale tried to bash Boychuck’s head into the post? No. And Bickel the dillhole… yeah…. did not like those guys at all. They were down 5-0 most of the game… way too late to resort to goon-tactics!

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