The one where Murph shuts out the Bears!

Sorry about two posts in a day, but I’ve got to send some major props to Checkers goaltender Mike Murphy on his 5-0 defeat of the Hershey Bears.

Mike Murphy vs. the Hershey Bears in November at TWCA


According to the John Walton of the Hershey Bears, he’s the first goaltender since 2005 to shut out the home team in their arena.  That’s quite a feat!


Congratulations, Murph, on the shutout, and on bringing home four points to Charlotte.  We need every one we can get.


The Checkers play in Syracuse on Tuesday, then return home on Thursday to face the Connecticut Whale.


3 thoughts on “The one where Murph shuts out the Bears!

  1. Maybe now we can stop this nonsense that neither goaltender has shown they want the starting job. Congrats to Murph on a great job!

    1. I wish I’d heard the coach say what he did during pre-game comments. How can we even debate who our starting netminder is?

      Will be interesting to see who starts next two games. Each goalie is 1-0 against Syracuse (they are the worst team in the AHL now) and Murph is 0-1 in the Checker’s single start game against Connecticut. With three games in a row next weekend, it could go either way in net I guess.

  2. It was a mystery to me too. I understood that statement at the start of the season. At this point in the year and with quite obvious differences in their stats, I don’t see how it’s a question at all.

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