The one about Fitz’s Posse

I’ve decided that my favorite group of fans are the ones who have the giant “Fitz’s Posse” sign.  They even gave me a small copy of it after I complemented them on their awesomeness.

Charlotte needs more passionate fans like these guys.  Fans who show their support in creative, positive ways.  I love that Imperial Printing is an official sponsor of the Checkers and have made it possible to create signs at the game (I just wish there were better markers available, so I’ve begun bringing my own for those spur of the moment sign needs!)  I’ve always loved funny and creative signs.  A sign that makes me laugh is definitely a good sign in my opinion, and something that is creative and unique.

I also appreciate the occasional mocking of a player (in good fun) through the use of a sign.  I may or may not have been involved in the creation of a “Fight Pogge Fight” sign when I was sure he was going to drop the gloves a few games ago (and let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be his first time doing that!)

New Year's Resolution

I also was behind a sign on New Year’s Day that I thought was pretty epic, if I do say so myself, even if it was kind of sloppy on the logo front.  But it served it’s purpose, and I think it was understood by the other fans in the crowd.

So I’m going to propose a new feature of this blog, and that’s we’re going to post the best Checker’s fan signs that readers see at games.  So snap a pic of the ones you made, or ones you spot, and email them to us at

Actually, while we’re asking for email, if you see any jersey fouls, send them too.  I have no shame in borrowing a good idea and sharing jersey fouls with our readers much like the guys over at the Puck Daddy blog do on a regular basis!


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