The one about jersey fouls

I’m an avid reader of Puckdaddy over on Yahoo, and his very justified tirades on the idea of a jersey foul.  I think that Charlotte being a newer hockey market (at least in the truly professional level that having an AHL team brings), many Checkers fans don’t understand the unwritten rules of jersey wearing, and what constitutes a “jersey foul.”

The best list of rules I’ve found is here:   “Jersey foul bill of rights”

Puck Daddy is the king of documenting fouls, and has the greatest comprehension of them.  (If you are interested, check out Puck Daddy’s pictorial evidence).  His pictures are educational AND entertaining.

As a hockey fan, I’m pretty particular about a few things regarding jersey fouls.

First of all, never, and I mean NEVER, put your own name on a jersey.  I kind of think it’s arrogant, especially if you do something like give yourself the number 99 of the Great One.  (Mascot’s and in-game personalities are of course exempt from this rule!)

Secondly, don’t put a cutesy saying or nickname on your jersey instead of a name.
Third, I believe all pink hockey jerseys should be burned.  I’m not talking about the Pink in the Rink jerseys.  Those are cool, and for a good cause.  If they are pink, sparkled versions of the player jerseys on the other hand, I don’t want to see them.  Ever.

Fourth, and finally, make sure the font used on your jersey is the officially licensed font the team uses.  Like a lot of teams the Hurricanes have a unique font, much like the NHL Predators and Blue Jackets.  Look closely at a Checkers jersey.  The names and numbers on the back have a slightly italicized font that is unique to the Hurricanes organization.

Prior to 2010, when the ECHL Franchinse was a part of the Rangers organization, they used a different font.  What shocks (and actually bugs me a great deal) is that the jerseys the team sold to season ticket holders and allowed them to personalize were done with the wrong font, the previously mentioned Rangers font.  Besides the fact the owners of these jerseys got their own names on them (personally, I ordered mine blank to avoid the fouls!), the jerseys have a weird, inaccurate Rangers font.

Each and every night, when I look at Chubby’s jersey, I cringe a little as well, because it’s also the wrong font.  Would it be too much to ask that our mascot’s jersey match the team?  Do they need a local seamstress that can fabricate a jersey with the right name and number on him that fits his big belly?  Because I can put them in touch with no fewer than a dozen people who could help them out!

In general, I’ll give exceptions and get out of jail free cards to all players.  Like the game that Brad Herauf wore an unnamed 9 jersey, or the funny numbers Samson and Rodney wore last week when their equipment was delayed in returning from the All Star Game.  (Those were pretty special fouls though, like I’m pretty sure the “M” in Samson was an upside down W, and Rodney’s captain C was cut off of a nameplate, and not the unique C he usually wears.)


3 thoughts on “The one about jersey fouls

  1. Wow, thanks for the link to the bill of rights. I somehow had missed that all these years and thought I was all alone in #7. That is my biggest pet peeve of jersey wearing!! Don’t wear an effing Pens jersey to a Canes/Devils game unless it says “Francis” on the back!!!

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