Checkers win 4-1!

The Checkers had a great win last night over the Providence Bruins, the second over that team in a three day period.

The game played by the Checkers on Tuesday was very different from that of Sunday’s.  They started Mike Murphy in net, who had a stellar 31-save performance, stopping all but one shot during the three periods of play.  Justin Pogge’s performance on Sunday, on the other hand, was a bit less impressive, as he allowed three goals and only made 23 stops.

All can not be credited or blamed on the goaltending though.  The team played differently both nights.  The Bruins came back on Tuesday with a vengeance, shooting the puck much more rapidly, and trying all kinds of angles in an attempt to get some pucks in the net.  Murphy was on top of it though, winning the game and the First Star of the night.

Another notable performance was that of Jerome Samson, with one goal and two assists.  After leaving the ice early on Sunday with what appeared to be a pretty serious knee injury, it was a relief to not only see him back in the game, but playing in top form.

The Checkers continue to impress their friends, fans and followers.  With each win like the one last night, they get closer to the goal of the Calder Cup playoffs.  They remain in third place in their division, which is extremely tough.  The team sits in fifth in the entire eastern conference, and a playoff bid is on the horizon.



Note to readers: If you have any interest in being a guest blogger, please send an email to  While today’s entry was more of a game review, the norm for this blog is more of a cultural commentary, so if you have anything you want to say, we’d love to hear it!


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